Duc Anh Tien

Curriculum Vitae

E-mail: duct@itsa.ucsf.edu

Educational Background:

Abraham Lincoln High School (San Francisco, CA) 1997 _ 2001

University of California, Berkeley 2001 _ present
College of Letters and Science
Intended Major: Biology

Research Experience:
Research Assistant, University of California, San Francisco, Depts. Of Anatomy and Neurological Surgery 2000 _ present
Analysis of pain behavior in mice lacking noradrenaline as a result from the absence of the gene coding for dopamine beta-hydroxylase, the enzyme responsible for converting dopamine into noradrenaline, under Luc Jasmin MD PhD and Peter T. Ohara PhD. 2000 – 2001
Study of the establishment and maintenance of kainic acid-induced hyperalgesia in mice through analysis of pain behavior and histology under Luc Jasmin MD PhD and Peter T. Ohara PhD. 2001 _ present

Honors and Awards:

High Honors in High School Mathematics, Geometry, and First-year Algebra;
Recognition in Written Composition, Chemistry, and Biology, Golden State Examination, CA 1997 _ 2001
Science & Health Education Partnership internship, University of California, San Francisco 2000
Every Child Can Learn Foundation scholarship 2001
Governor’s Scholar Award 2001
Achievement Award in Science, Bank of America, California 2001
Incentive Awards Program, University of California, Berkeley 2001
USAFunds scholarship 2002

California Scholarship Federation 1998 – 2001
Society for Neuroscience, Washington, DC 2001 – present
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (by invitation), Washington, DC 2002 – present

Technical Competence:

Rodent behavioral analysis
- nociceptive measures (i.e.: hot and cold plate analgesia, complete Freund’s adjuvant)
- anxiety measures (i.e.: forced swim, open field)
- mechanical measures (i.e.: rotarod, von Frey)
- cognitive measures (i.e.: holeboard)
- dose response curves
- immuno detection with fluorescence and HRP-conjugates
- enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA)
Cell biology
- proliferation of competent cell lines
- transplants to syngeneic species

1. Luc Jasmin, Duc Tien, David Weinshenker, Richard D. Palmiter, Paul G. Green, Gabriella Janni, and Peter T. Ohara. “The NK1 receptor mediates both the hyperalgesia and the resistance to morphine in mice lacking noradrenaline.” PNAS, 2002, January 22; vol. 99, no. 2: 1029 – 1034.
2. Duc Tien, Peter T. Ohara, Alice A. Larson, and Luc Jasmin. “Vagal afferents are necessary for the establishment nut not the maintenance of kainic acid induced hyperalgesia in mice.” Pain, 2002, (in press).
Selected Abstracts:
1. D. Tien, P. T. Ohara, G. Janni, R. D. Palmiter, D. Weinshenker, and L. Jasmin. (2001) Pain behavior and morphine analgesia in DBH -/- mice. Society for Neuroscience 31st Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA.

Luc Jasmin MD PhD, University of California, San Francisco, Department of Neurological Surgery, Box 0112, 513 Parnassus, San Francisco, CA 94143. (415) 476-3761. ucpain@itsa.ucsf.edu.
Peter T. Ohara PhD, University of California, San Francisco, Department of Anatomy, Box 0452, 513 Parnassus, San Francisco, CA 94143. (415) 476-3761. pto@itsa.ucsf.edu.

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